Sign this Petition to govenrnent for better quality new homes

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    The only way the housebuilding industry will change for the better is if enough people sign this petition.

    A group of MPs had an Inquiry last year into the quality of new homes. The Inquiry Report made ten recommendations, including the setting up of a New Homes Ombudsman.
    Inquiry Recommendations To Improve The Quality Of New Homes

    The only way to ensure all new homebuyers get better protection, is if enough people sign this petition, forcing a government debate. It is that simple.

    Please sign the petition (it will only take a minute)
    Click on the link
    Tick Box "I am a British Citizen"
    Add: your name, e mail address and Postcode
    Click "Continue"
    Then click the link in the e mail you are sent to validate!

    Don't forget to e mail it to everyone in your address book and share with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

    Change will only occur if enough people stand up. Todays new home is tomorrows old home.
    This issue will affect everyone sooner or later.
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    I hope everyone who accesses this forum has signed the petition on the Government petition website. If so please sign as soon as possible as it takes less than 1 minute of your time. If you appreciate the advice and support on this and other new home websites you should be signing.
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    i can't believe this didn't happen, surely everyone who's bought a new build home in the last few years would sign this petition in a heartbeat . I know I would, NHBC is worth nothing

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