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Discussion in 'NHBC' started by david.richards27, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Dear all

    I am new here and this is my first post.

    We purchased our home in 2009 and ever since we have noticed that the double glazing is not very soundproof.

    Also most of the windows seem to be working loose from the walls and there are gaps etc.

    Are we still able to make a claim under the NHBC warranty as it seems to me that we are leaking heat and gaining sound from outside.

    I have absolutely no idea about this so would be grateful for any advice on this.

    Many thanks
  2. Makebetterhomes

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    hi david ...its not likley to be the selaed units of glass, its either

    1. the frames ....and like cars there are varying qualities ...and can be classed as cars but a rolls royce could never be compared to a wartburg ( now you know how old i am )

    or and most likely in my experience ...the fitting of the frames ..
    due to lack of thermal stop at the cavities ,
    lack of foam filler around frames,
    or frames to small for apertures and not fully filled , under the cills
    frames cill not filled and sealed ,
    heads of windows not filled and sealed

    or a combination of all of these things

    do you have access to thermal camera ? as this is the often the bast way to check if youre getting any leakage . best to wait under the weather turns colder for best results

    or hire a man that can

    try andy smales @ expert energy

    badly fitting frames can be re done easily ...poor quality leaky frame im afraid are not so easy to resolve

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