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Discussion in 'Other developers' started by tstanford, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. tstanford

    tstanford New Member

    Just started the process of buying new house with Martin Grant Homes in Aylesbury - anyone have any views good or bad on them? thanks
  2. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    Are Martin Grant star rated by the HBF? Answer NO
    Have Martin Grant won any NHBC Quality Awards? None mentioned on their website!

    All a bit strange for a company that claims "delvering extraordinary homes"

    Check on Zoopla you are not paying over the odds for your house.
    Knock on the doors of existing buyers and ask them what they think of their houses.
    Get a snagging inspector and don't legally comaplete until all snags have been fixed.

    MGH are a smallish regional developer. Make sure you are getting an NHBC warranty.
    Be sure to give your feeedback here "good or bad" if you go ahead.
  3. tstanford

    tstanford New Member

    Just to follow up on this - nearly two years later I have to say we are very happy with our Martin Grant home. There were a few snagging issues, as with any new build, but they were resolved quickly and another issue which arose recently (but still within our first 2 years) was also dealt with very promptly. Given experiences it seems people have with other builders I am very glad we bought with Martin Grant.
  4. homebuyer

    homebuyer New Member

    I've heard very good things about MGH around my area. I unfortunately went with TW and have regretted it ever since. Sometimes the smaller regional developers are better as they value their customers, they need to get the income coming in. Big giants like TW don't care because they rake it in nationally and what's a few unhappy customers after they've already paid for their home? Not like you can get a refund, so TW are quids in whether you're satisfied or not.

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